Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is An Adventure and A House is a Home

I found these posts by Matthew Mead and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy inspiring today and for the most part have lived my life and built my homes along these lines.

I am sure I will head back to read Matthew's words on the days when I need a good foot in the rear so I 'stole' it for here so that I can easily find it again.  Thanks Matthew!

"Life is an adventure. . . I've learned that lesson well in my 42 years (mostly in the last five) and no matter how amazing your talents or creativity, it is rare that success  finds you standing on your hometown street corner.  It is really the difference between dipping your toe into the lake for the first swim of the season or barreling toward the water to take what might be a body jarring icy plunge.  I've opted for the dead run, the unknown, the shoot first-ask questions later.  The "take the bull by the horns, leap of faith, damned if you don't" approach to my work and I can say letting go, losing  the doubt, and letting the anxiety evaporate is serving me well.  I have found some wisdom in my years, engaging the unknown and "letting the adventure begin.""

Leo leaping on the beach. 

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