Saturday, September 27, 2008

Living Etc Surprise

Couldn't sleep one night recently so was chatting to my sister who lives in London at 2:30. She mentions that she just got her new copy of Living etc and starts looking at it telling me that she would really love to be paging through a magazine one day and just come across one of my pillows in a house. Ten seconds later she is squealing and hyper ventilating:) At first I thought she was pulling my leg. But nope -- one of my Gloria pillows in black and white is in this wonderful, color-filled Long Island home that features the handiwork of the very talented and exciting interior designer, Ghislaine Vinas.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Butterfly Lampshade Whimsy

Finally shipped off all the lampshade orders I got at the New York Gift Show. Was totally taken by surprise by how well they were received and totally unprepared. So what felt like a gazillion butterflies later and lots of late nights, they are all on their way to their new homes.

Halloween ... Already

Changed up the store this week. Having grown up in South Africa without Halloween, I don't totally get it and have never done any Halloween decorating before. So am thrilled with the mantel in the store. Probably more Goth chic than Halloween but love the old saws I picked up in a flea market alongside Jonathan Adler's snakes, knitware vases from Alyssa Ettinger, a cool Michelle Caplan portrait and loads of black feather roses!

Art Opening : Michelle Caplan

We will be featuring the wonderful work of mixed media artist, Michelle Caplan, in the store for the next few months. The show opening is Thursday, Oct 2, 6-9PM so if you are in the neighborhood, come by and visit!

Featured in Elle Decor

So finally decided it was way overdue time that I started updating our news. So much going on. Back in May, we opened the first Henry Road bricks 'n mortar store and are thrilled that it is featured in the October issue of Elle Decor as a 'hot shop'.