Monday, July 5, 2010

Armchair Traveling and Dreaming

I have traveled a lot and more often than not, there has been a guidebook shoved in my bag.  They've always been handy tools but I have never felt any attachment.   I just received Fiona Caulfield's Love Travel Guide to Jaipur in the mail and I am in love.  Beautifully packaged and designed, it is a pleasure to have it sitting on my bedside table.  I hope to test out the contents later this year but for now I am going to happily read every last page.   It makes me want to visit all the places in India that there are Love Guides for, just so that I can legitimately own the whole collection.

Switching to another part of the world. . . I am thoroughly enjoying a journey through British culture and London town by way of HowToSpeakBritish.  Alysia Cotter, has just moved from LA to London and is keeping a diary of her move.  She has a wonderful eye for observation and is reminding me of a lot of things I had forgotten about. 

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