Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Collection : Gelato

When I start to think about new additions to our line, I tend to be thinking about what colors to add, and what shapes that I love would add an interesting dynamic.  I am inspired all the time by images and colors around me and am always drawing and doodling.   I see so much that excites me and makes me happy so the hardest thing is editing down and focusing on what I love most.

This year was all about new colors.  Yes, there is a new design called Urchin, but more than anything I wanted to use colors that we didn't already have in the mix.  So we have a delicious berry, olive green, lake blue, sapphire and a citrus orange on a hemp/organic cotton blend.  In addition, I played around with layers and overprinted on one of our cottons.

The new fabric is hand screen printed here in Los Angeles and looks delicious on furniture, lampshades, and pillows.  In addition, I have created some new runners that add art to any table -- they would also look spectacular across the end of a bed. 

The colors and blends are so yummy, I called this collection Gelato.  Can anyone eat too much gelato, I certainly can't?

Malibu Home

I knew I was going to love this job the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by sweeping views of the Malibu coastline, a fabulous art collection and a menagerie of cats and dogs.  My clients had moved into their dream home 15 years ago and hadn't done much to the furniture since.  In addition their needs in the living room, in particular, had changed so the floor plan needed to be revisited.

The end result entailed a few new additions like a sectional, a loveseat, a coffee table, an occasional chair and some pillows.   But for the most part we worked with what was there.   We reupholstered all of the existing furniture in a mix of Henry Road fabric, African cloth and indoor/outdoor fabric; changed up the floor plan in the living room to create a TV viewing corner and a conversation area that took advantage of the glorious views; and moved artwork so that their spectacular collection was better showcased.

The images below wind their way through the entrance hall, the living room, the bar area and the master bedroom.   I love that the end result looks like a natural evolution of a home filled with objects collected over a lifetime.   New and old, ethnic and modern blend together naturally creating a relaxed, welcoming and personal space.


Color in Sherman Oaks

The owners of this beautiful family home in Sherman Oaks had us reupholster some of their favorite pieces including a day bed and a wingback.   We also made a cushion for their new window seat in their remodeled kitchen and added loads of colorful pillows.   And Leo got an awesome Shibori indigo neck-kerchief made by their daughter to help him maintain his status as most handsome dog on the block!

At Home

My home is my haven.   It is filled with objects, books and art that I love.   Many of them have a story to tell about where they came from, who bought them or what I was doing at the time.   They are my personal journal, my travelogue and a happy welcome home every evening.

I opted for a smaller place as now that my studio is in our store,  I spend a lot of time there so I wanted my home to be relaxed and easy to maintain.  Space dictated that I do a lot of editing which was daunting at first.   Surprisingly I have everything that I love in my life in this small apartment and don't miss anything that I gave away.

I have the Andy Warhol poster I found in Florence, the Marmite collection my sister gave me, a mid-century lamp I picked up in a flea market in New York, a shade made from a Mexican blanket I bought while on vacation, and my grandmother's needlepoint.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures below taken by the lovely Laure Joliet.   Some of these plus others appeared in the LA Times last year which was so exciting.  Enjoy!