Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At Home

My home is my haven.   It is filled with objects, books and art that I love.   Many of them have a story to tell about where they came from, who bought them or what I was doing at the time.   They are my personal journal, my travelogue and a happy welcome home every evening.

I opted for a smaller place as now that my studio is in our store,  I spend a lot of time there so I wanted my home to be relaxed and easy to maintain.  Space dictated that I do a lot of editing which was daunting at first.   Surprisingly I have everything that I love in my life in this small apartment and don't miss anything that I gave away.

I have the Andy Warhol poster I found in Florence, the Marmite collection my sister gave me, a mid-century lamp I picked up in a flea market in New York, a shade made from a Mexican blanket I bought while on vacation, and my grandmother's needlepoint.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures below taken by the lovely Laure Joliet.   Some of these plus others appeared in the LA Times last year which was so exciting.  Enjoy!

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