Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Collection : Gelato

When I start to think about new additions to our line, I tend to be thinking about what colors to add, and what shapes that I love would add an interesting dynamic.  I am inspired all the time by images and colors around me and am always drawing and doodling.   I see so much that excites me and makes me happy so the hardest thing is editing down and focusing on what I love most.

This year was all about new colors.  Yes, there is a new design called Urchin, but more than anything I wanted to use colors that we didn't already have in the mix.  So we have a delicious berry, olive green, lake blue, sapphire and a citrus orange on a hemp/organic cotton blend.  In addition, I played around with layers and overprinted on one of our cottons.

The new fabric is hand screen printed here in Los Angeles and looks delicious on furniture, lampshades, and pillows.  In addition, I have created some new runners that add art to any table -- they would also look spectacular across the end of a bed. 

The colors and blends are so yummy, I called this collection Gelato.  Can anyone eat too much gelato, I certainly can't?

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