Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday's Fabulous: Anna Wintour

With fashion front and center this week in the news thanks to Fashion Night Out events, I thought it was appropriate to highlight the talent of Anna Wintour, fashion icon and Vogue Editor-in-Chief for the past 23 years.

Born in London in 1949 to newspaper editor, Charles Wintour and philanthropist, Elinor Wintour, Anna Wintour held various editorial positions in London and New York before becoming Editor of Vogue in 1988.   I think that for someone to have the drive and work ethic that she is known for, after 20 years on the job is singularly impressive.  With her distinctive bob intact, She has built Vogue into the top fashion publication in the US and kept it there.

There is an interesting article on Huffington Post by the R.J.Cutler, Director of a recent documentary on Vogue's September issue summing up the management lessons that he learned from watching her at work: Keep meetings short, Trust your instincts, Surround yourself with great talent, and Don't look back.   I think that these apply to any business no matter the size.

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pamwares said...

my little the September Issue. Great documentary about the workings of the September issue of Vogue.