Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's pouring with rain making it a perfect day for curling up with a good book.  If I wasn't headed to the shop to wrap last minute gifts, this is the book that I would be curled up with.   I love books!  And every now and then a book comes along that happily and completely blows me away.  The current book-of-my-love, my-one-and-only is the new book Kenzo which celebrates 40 years of the brand's fantastic work.  It is a heavenly treat of creativity, stunning design, amazing pattern, beautiful photography and styling, and glorious color!  Okay so I love it!

Best of all, we have it in the store so I get to take a peek at it every day.  Needless to say one of these lovelies is coming home with me.   At $75, it's an investment but its a big book and worth every cent if you love design.

If you get a chance to browse through it, I highly recommend it.  The cover may be different from the one in the pictures below as the copies that came in and sold in early November had a different cover.  I wish my miserable photos were a bit better as I feel that I haven't done it justice.

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