Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Woman: Miss Piggy

It's been a crazy week so I decided to end the week on a light note by celebrating the iconic muppet, Miss Piggy.  According to tartcity: "Glamorous, stroppy and single-minded in pursuit of her frog, the perfect frock, and worldwide fame, Miss Piggy has been showing tarts how its done for nearly thirty years. . .  . Miss Piggy lives life according to her own rules: 'Eat what you want, exercise your prerogative, and find a good plastic surgeon who gives frequent-flyer miles.' "

There is something to be said for living life on your own terms and making people laugh while you are doing it! If you need some entertainment, in my hours and hours of research for this post:), I came across this great compilation of Miss Piggy quotes.  Example:  "Many people think money is something to be set aside for a rainy day. But honestly, how much money do you really need for a dozen or so hours of inclement weather?"

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Three Owls said...

LOVE. You are so brilliant to pick Miss Piggy for this... I am inspired and smiling... cheers! Have a fabulous weekend. L