Thursday, June 10, 2010

Purple Rain

I have always had mixed emotions about purple -- today I have nothing but love! The big old Jacaranda in front of my house is raining purple on my lawn.  It brings back great childhood memories of heading up to Pretoria, a South African city north of Johannesburg during Jacaranda season.  There are so many Jacaranda trees there that from the surrounding hills, the whole city looks purple.  So much so that is has been dubbed "The Jacaranda City".  I took a couple of pictures in my yard and two minutes into it, the dog sat in front of me.  What is it with cats and dogs the moment you sit on the floor and focus on something, they sit right on it:) 


pamwares said...

I have a Jacaranda Tree in my front yard. April/May it is in full bloom and absolutely beautiful. Even when the petals are falling it is kinda magical. The purple flower almost glows in the sunlight. I love it.

Paula said...

I'm with you on the magical - nothing like petal rain:)