Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Fabulous: Bafana Bafana

In honor of the start of the World Cup in South Africa today, I decided to give women a break this week and celebrate some of the wonders of my birthplace and wish the country and team success!   The South African team is called 'Bafana Bafana' or 'the boys' hence the title of this post.  My Kentridge World Cup poster hangs above my desk. It makes me smile and reminds me every day to kick it out of the park.

There are a thousand images, smells, sounds and textures that remind me of the tip of Africa.  Here are a few: the fabulous Protea flower, Table Mountain in Cape Town, the beaches of Plettenberg Bay, glorious Zulu beadwork, an elephant, fabric and a big smile making a political statement, and Madiba.

Images from theinternetjournalist, cogentberger, visitzululand, sakurasnow, bugbog, africanoz

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absolutelyawesomethings said...

Wow nice blog and informative. This blog post reminds me home Africa and especially that lady with that hair style. Thanks