Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This week

Reveled in a new shipment of bears and dolls.
Planted lots of pots of flowers yesterday in preparation for a beautiful Summer!
Fell in love with gorgeous colorful glass bottles in the new Living etc and an amazing pair of shoes by Tracey Neuls on the back page!  And then fell in love with the parrot on her home page:)
Played around with swatches trying to figure out new bags n things!
Fell in love [again] with this new wallpaper made from newspapers from Weitzner featured on the LA Times home blog!


Debs said...

The dolly and bears are so bright and happy. Love the book wall paper.

Three Owls said...

Those are sweet shoes, almost as sweet as the smile on the doll... lovely :)

Leslie Genchi said...

Seems we have the same taste because I am in love with all of the above as well!