Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Week. . . And its only Thursday

Its been one of those weeks. . . started off by bidding Adieu to our gorgeous armchair and putting it on a truck bound for Colorado.

Next our banner went up on we love indie.  A while ago I decided it was time to do some advertising on blogs and because I have so many favorites, I opted to act like Switzerland and buy a banner on a portal that is pure inspiring eye candy featuring most of the blogs I love.  Creating the banner turned out to be more work than I thought as getting images to work in the long and skinny shape they needed took me a while.

And then yesterday I got back to my studio from a visit to the Pop Up store location -- see tomorrow's post:) -- to find that there were 20 new orders.  Much as I would love it if that was the norm, it ain't!  Turns out Real Simple featured the cool task clips we carry on their blog's daily find.  First thing this morning I was on the phone to our supplier to order 50 of them -- hopefully they will arrive by Monday latest so we can get them en route to all the lovely customers who jumped at the chance to organize their lives.  Thank you Real Simple!

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