Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Planting

I know much of the country is still under snow but here in southern California while we are still getting rain, there are lots of signs of Spring around.  Trees are blossoming and the jasmine is half bursting open and smelling delicious.   I have very little gardening experience but decided to tackle the empty fishpond in my yard.  It is now filled with soil and planted with lavender, alyssum, nasturtium and some wild flowers.  Now all that I have to do is make sure the possum and squirrels that I cohabit with leave my seeds alone. 

Here is a pic of my newly planted pond -- yes those are wooden chandeliers that used to hang over my dining table.  Couldn't find a home for them inside my new home and would rather use them than stick them in a box:)   The collage below is what my little pond aspires to be....

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