Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Woman: Miriam Makeba

There is one song in the world that always makes me want to get up and dance:  Miriam Makeba's Pata Pata.  I listen to it all the time in the store.

Known as Mama Afrika, Miriam Makeba was a South African singer.  A Grammy Award winner, she was a vocal anti-apartheid activist and lived in exile from 1960 until Mandela invited her back to South Africa in 1990.  She lived life to the full and died in 2008 leaving a legacy of a life well lived and incredible music portfolio.

Photo from Arise.


Three Owls said...

Thank you for sharing this....what a great song, and I love the idea of fabulous women on fridays...:)

Anonymous said...

I love the Pata Pata dance! And I agree with Three Owls that Friday's Fabulous Woman is a wonderful idea. Happy Friday!