Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Man: Kenneth Grange

My sister recently visited an exhibit of the work of Kenneth Grange at the Design Museum in London.    Viewed  as Britain's leading product designer, at 82, Kenneth Grange's touches the lives of millions daily.

The Independent writes: "Edwin Heathcote wrote in the Financial Times that "Kenneth Grange is ubiquitous. The day before I went to talk to him I'd taken a trip on one of the trains he designed and had got into one of the London taxi cabs he designed. I shaved with one of his razors, opened a door using one of his handles and waited for a bus at one of his bus shelters. No other designer has had the same impact on the London environment.""

There is a great article in Blueprint Magazine that discusses his views on design and branding, on quality, and on repairs and changing the pattern of consumption.

Images from Blueprint Magazinebonluxat; wikipedia

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