Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banksy Does LA

Banksy street art has been popping up all over LA in what is thought to be an Oscar campaign for his documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop?"  According to ABC,  Light Group -- a Las Vegas company that manages casinos and restaurants -- was thrilled that Banksy chose to tag this billboard with a debauched Mickey Mouse lookalike. They called it "flattering" and said it was "cooler" now. The company has taken it down and is deciding what to do with it.

Methinks that they forgot to mention how much more valuable it is now:)  Charlie Brown has already been cut out of the wall by someone,  and another one of the works has been covered in plexiglass with a 24 hour guard posted.   Banksy would be positively welcome to 'decorate' the side of my store!

Images here.

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